Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Filipino/a American Literature

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Filipino/a American Literature.
The form of poetry used by Realuyo is line poetry. This type of poem is not adhering to the rules of poetry. The poem employs use of sentences and clauses in its structure. This is mainly to communicate certain specific message to the intended audience. For this reason, Realuyo mentions several high profile people in contention to the theme of the poem. The tone of this poem is somber. The writer speaks in this tone because of the consistent failure of the State official to deal with their complaints.
The speakers of the poem are Regie Cabico and Taylor Mali. The two are in conflict due to various reasons. The whole poem is conflicting as everyone has different perception and different interests in life. The opening stanza includes the poets greeting their mum. One of them suggests he is fine while the other suggest that he feels like “shit”. The argument continues on where they live Brooklyn. One of them suggests that the city is safe while the other one suggest that dead bodies are found every morning. One of them is homosexual while the other one is not. The conflict continues to the end of the poem.
On top of many Filipino’s wish list is the desire to live in America and enjoy the life there. Vicente and Fortunado does not really love each other but the desire to live and stay in America makes the main character in the movie and the director to falsely fall in love after 40 years but the eviction quickly disrupts this desire. This false relationship is terminated through the evictions. As expected, the Philippine does not have anywhere to go since the hotel was their only home.
Experiences of war can be gendered. Dr. Ruth Elynia S. Mabanglo who has undergone a rough future in attaining success in her life expresses this. She is currently enjoying massive support for her literary works and has won several awards. In comparison with Realuyo’s works, the writer speaks directly on sexuality,

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