Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic M3 Mortality Data Paper. It he

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic M3 Mortality Data Paper.
It helps to determine the competence of health facilities, the efficiency of drugs used by specific patients and the effects of lifestyle habits on health (Shi, 2008).&nbsp.&nbsp.Mortality data is limited because it cannot accurately determine future death trends. Socio-economic factors, socio-political factors, lifestyle habits, natural calamities, and migration influence the value of the data since these factors are significant especially when authorities manipulate them. Therefore, mortality data is limited in the mode of collection and interpretation. Most deaths go unreported, especially those that do not occur in health institutions. Consequently, deaths that do not occur in hospitals are rarely investigated.&nbsp.This may result in wrong recording and interpretation of recorded data (McKenzie et al., 2012). Additionally, recording of death in the health departments may lead to multiple records, thus distorting the figures.
Descriptive research attempts to explore the health problem extensively through the analysis of mortality data. &nbsp.In understanding the problem, descriptive research engages the three elements of time, place and person in integrative ways and relates findings with emerging phenomena. It appraises the regularity and pattern of the three elements as they influence public health (McKenzie et al., 2012). It also evaluates the circumstances defining a person by assessing the social patterns causing ill health and mortality. Place implies the geographic locality and its features that are likely to influence health. By studying a place, epidemiologists assess the incidences of diseases and the causation factors in the environment (Shi, 2008). Place may imply the environmental surroundings such as school, workplace, and the population density of an area. In evaluation of “person,” factors of social status, age, education levels, gender and access to health services are assessed.&nbsp. The research also evaluates personal habits

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