Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic One question. As a result, the

Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic One question.
As a result, the scenery location has been labelled the Dead Sea. Based on all the assumptions made on how strange the sea is my curiosity of the entire scenery is quite wanting. Therefore, embarking on a journey to the place will be intriguing and fulfilling.
Being known as a unique scenery and having a remarkable history regarding its formation, there are a lot of attractions that are attributed to the place. To start with, there are numerous hills that are really big, there dragonflies, numerous palm trees and above all the sea turns into the colour of weak tea when the wind on the shore shoves. It sounds quite strange that all these aspects are appealing, but my notion on nature will make the journey to be exciting, as I would get the opportunity to clarify the existence of all these aspects. I spend most of my free times exploring abandoned places that bring about the beauty of the environment we live in. Therefore, as a hobby this journey will instil a lot of knowledge.
Apart from the Salton Sea Recreational Center, which is accessible to the public, majority of the places surrounding the sea are quite dangerous and are labelled the no go zones. It is only the Navy seals and the Marine that use the place to act as their training base. A challenge that is quite unavoidable in Salton Sea is the smell that is emitted by the sea. Research indicates that most of the visitors who have had the opportunity to explore the place were disturbed by the irritating smell and some were scared of the dragonflies that were in numbers. Being an area that is rare to visit and based on the mystery surrounding it the issue of security may be a challenge once on location.
My knowledge regarding Salton Sea is based on the thorough research I have conducted and my perception based on my findings indicates that Salton Sea is indeed a strange place. Nevertheless, when I embark on my journey, I intend to learn more from what I already know and I intend to explore the entire

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