Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Argumentative Research Report.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Argumentative Research Report.
One of the strong arguments for legalization of drugs stems from the inadmissibility of the continuation of the current state of affairs, when hundreds of thousands of people are arrested every year and kept behind bars for possession of illegal substances for personal usage, and not for sale (Inciardi,
2005, p.133). At the same time, realistically looking at things we have to confess that even under such a harsh regime there has not occurred a significant reduction in drugs use, and there seems to be no perspective for such reduction at all, because for many people drugs offer a much valued ability to escape from the unpleasant aspects of our reality. Thus, the measures of prosecution and compulsory rehabilitation of drugs addicts substitutes one evil for another as they only add to the unhappiness of people who depend on drugs by intensifying in them an atmosphere of psychological tension that may actually contribute to the drug-oriented behavior and addiction (Zimmer and Morgan, 2001, p. 36). Moreover, the illegal status of drugs is the single greatest boon for the criminal narco-mafia, which has become a proper symbol of evil to be fought with, and which is in fact interested in the prevention of legalization of drugs.
Considering the above-mentioned, we may infer on sound grounds that the current state of affairs regarding policies towards drugs abuse are often based on superficial understanding of the essence of the phenomenon they are aimed against, so they often lead to ineffective and even damaging consequences. In fact, experiments with prohibition are definitely well known for the United States, one has just to recollect the 18th Amendment that in 1919 outlawed the production and sale of alcoholic drinks. Needless to remind that criminal activity surged, and health of now illegal drinkers was threatened by illegal alcohol of dubious quality (Haynes and Harding 2004, pp. 262-278). Besides, efforts

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