Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Arson and Pyromania. The inves

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Arson and Pyromania.
The investigation of fire-based crimes is predicated on the understanding of the minds and motives of arsonist and pyromaniacs. Behavior analysis of the pattern of arson offences is a relatively new investigative tool for local and federal authorities as the essay below portrays.
In most cases, the fires often destroy all the forensic evidence that expedite the investigation into the motives and nature of the fires. This therefore makes it difficult for investigators to evaluate the mental stability of a suspect and determine the actual motives of such (OConnor, 2012). This therefore makes behavior analysis an important method of investigating fire-based crimes. Through effective behavior analysis, it becomes possible to differentiate an arsonist from an individual suffering from pyromania. Arsonists are criminals, individuals who instigate fires for either political or economic gains. Arsonists have often instigated bush fires or torched houses and cars among other resources in order to gain advantage over others. Pyromania on the other hand is spontaneous unpredictable and a severe medical condition that motivates individuals to start fires as a way of gaining relief.
Arsonists are analytical. They are likely to instigate a fire only when the situation presents advantage. They select their targets carefully and often strive for thoroughness. This implies that fires started by arsonists often annihilate all the evidence from a crime scene. Additionally, the nature and the locations selected by arsonists are always suspicious since the fires often end up covering for the crimes. Analyzing the behavior of a suspect for example should major on the determination of the signs and symptoms of pyromania. Such thorough investigations help determine the motives of the suspects and the nature of the fires started by arsonists. An effective analysis of the behavior of a suspect helps portray the nature of the fires and

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