Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic In Treasure Island, use textua

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic In Treasure Island, use textual evidence from parts five and six (chapters 23-34), carefully analyzed, explain how jim individuates: 1) his shadow, and 2) his animus.
the novel it was clear that in the end he did achieve some measure of transcendence, because we see him maturing as the story proceeded, from sheltered boy cowering behind her mother to a person on his own, a cabin boy in a ship, to captain, once they were able to get back that ship from the hands of pirates. This career would not have been possible, in a way, if Jim had not been able to navigate the treacherous path to maturity. That navigation entailed being able to integrate the twin aspects of his being that were disparate in the beginning, namely the animus and the shadow. The focus of this exploration is on chapters 23 through 34 of the book (Stevenson. SparkNotes LLC).
The individuation of Jim’s shadow is one that does not proceed in a straight line, but transpires in fits and starts. Jim the boy at one point would launch himself into whimsical adventures, as when in the early goings for instance, in chapter 23, he pulled himself to the window of the ship where the pirates could have seen him, just because he wanted to, when the safer course would have been to stay hidden. On the other hand, in later chapters, he would prove his mastery of himself, by first being able to take control of the ship, then being able to take control of it as captain with Hands, who he would go on to have a struggle with for control. Hands would hurt him with the knife, but Jim would prevail in the end. We can see this seminal struggle as Jim’s own rite of passage from a young boy not totally in control of his shadow, to a man who has been able to harness his powers in order to advance himself and live out the hero’s life that was his. In this way we see that on one level, Jim’s journey towards the captain’s role and the taking of the spoils of the ship is also a story of one maturing and being able to integrate those aspects of his shadow that he must wrestle with, in order to mature. In contrast, the novel depicts the pirates as men who seem to have grown old, without

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