Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Negotiation Strategy Analysis.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Negotiation Strategy Analysis.
Download file to see previous pages The essay “Negotiation Strategy Analysis” analyzes the negotiation strategy what is, most generally, a compromise between two parties. A specific example of negotiating strategies in practice was described by former Tanzanian president Julius Nyerere in his article “Third World Negotiating Strategy.” He explains the early history of the Group of 77, a UN coalition of developing nations, was an unstable one. In the pervading nationalism of the time, Nyerere explains that the “objective was independence, and we knew that we must have everybody”. The different political groups all agreed on this single issue, and for one there was the consensus. However, he notes, the object was defined purposefully broadly, and that too narrow of an objective might splinter the Group. His interest in this situation was in the preservation of the Group while setting common goals that were general enough so that they do not cause dissension, yet specific enough to unite them for a single cause. In such a fashion, Nyerere proposes the well-defined principle in the negotiation of self-interest: “each country must advance according to its own lights”, and a principle of generality: “if you require everyone to conform to a rigid… prescription, you will be weakening yourself”. What can I learn from these two brief examples of negotiating in practice? Beginning with the first, which has a direct application to the workplace, we learned that time, information, and power is important factors when developing one’s strategy.

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