Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Oakland museum pises. The shap

Hi, need to submit a 750 words essay on the topic Oakland museum pises.
The shape of turkey is curved as if extra effort has been put to smoothen the edges.
It is a cast composition stone of an African American woman. The woman is standing naked looking over her right shoulder. The stature of the woman looks manly, there is hardly anything erotic about her. She has unusually large arms and legs for a woman. Her feet are unusually big as if she has been walking bare feet throughout her life. Despite standing naked there is absolutely no feminine charm in her. The color is mud and shes standing on a stone slab as if stopped by someone while she was working in the mines. The texture cannot be mistaken with the sun scorched skin of the labor. The artist could be telling the world that it is society or nurturing that creates the female form as we know it. The society gives them the delicate manners. The expressions on her face gives her the image of a fierce, strong woman. The reason for choosing this piece was its thought-provoking and powerful theme.
It is an over glazed terra-cotta in China paint. The brown color of the crazy takes most of the space of the pot. The texture is porous. The black color takes up only a little space but still delivers the intended message. it is the hard work of the laborers and fieldworkers who break their sweat to make the luxuries of these society. The reason for choosing this piece was its mystery. The theme of the art piece is not obvious. There can be many interpretations about it. For instance the black color in the pot could represent the African-American community meaning they are the backbone of major labor activity. The piece also dates back to 1986 when the African American community was rejoicing in the success of the civil movement.
A bronze and oil painting statue of a woman. The artist wanted to leave it as just human form but there are parts that make it obvious it is a female form. The texture of the art piece looks torn, tarnished

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