HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HI6007 Assessment One Business Research Report Proposal Initial Research Proposal Due Friday Week 06



HI6007 Assessment for Faculty of Higher Education Proposal for a single business research report: Initial Research Proposal
by Friday, Week 6.
20% of 1500 words
The first research proposal will include six of the following:
1. Choose a business-related study topic.
2. Establish research inquiries for the identified issue or opportunity.
3. Decide on the best research methodology and procedures to apply for the study.
4. Outline the method of your investigation.
5. Explain the procedures for gathering and analyzing data.
6. Outline the anticipated results of the investigation.
The fourth through sixth weeks of instruction will cover material on research methods.
Final Week 6 deadline for Initial Research Proposal
To assist you in creating your business study proposal, consider the following questions:
What precisely do I seek to learn?
A researchable problem is what?
Theory, Assumptions, and Background Literature: What does the pertinent scholarly work in the area suggest about this issue?
Variables and hypotheses: What will I consider to be true about the surroundings, or what will serve as the starting point? Which variables fall under the independent and dependent categories?
Does the problem need to be reframed or simplified to be more manageable?
What variables will be measured, and how?
How many mistakes are acceptable in the results?
Research Methodology and Design
What plan do I have for conducting this research overall?
Will this approach allow me to respond to the research question? What restrictions will the strategy impose on the work?
How will I obtain the information necessary to test my hypothesis?
How will I make or record my observations, and what equipment will I use?
How shall I pick the sample?
What level of assurance or accuracy can I promise?
Analysis of the data
Which analytical and statistical procedures will be combined and applied to the data? Which of these will let me decide whether or not to accept my hypotheses?
Was my first theory accepted or disproven? Why?
What ramifications do my findings have for the theoretical framework, underlying presumptions, or related literature?
What suggestions come from the work?
What recommendations can you give for this topic’s future research?
To address the problem or opportunity, choose a business study topic and specify your research questions.
Outstanding 8–10 Good 6-7 Average
3-4 Poor 0-2-5 Insufficient
Clearly appropriate subject
inquiries with specifics
The value and importance of the research challenge and topic
well-cited literature related to the research topic
Observations: 40%
Choose the best research approaches and strategies to use for your project. Please describe the study procedure.
Very good, 8 to 10; good, 6-7 average
3-4 Poor 0-2-5 Insufficient
Choosing a good research strategy
Research process steps are given.
citations used to support decisions
Remarks: 30%
Define the procedures for gathering and analyzing data.
Describe the predicted results of your research.
Excellent 8–10 Good 6-7 Mediocre 5: Inadequacy 3–4 Poor 0–2
Effective data collection techniques
Description of the data analysis to be performed Description of the anticipated outcomes
Remarks: 30%
Comments in total: 100%

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