Weighting: 20% (Group 15% + Individual 5%)
Word limit: 2500-3000 words, Group of 2-4 students
Student Name (Block letters) Student Number:
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You are a member of a design team at BlueFish Media Design, a premier web design and multimedia design firm in the Chicago area. Recently, several local firms have approached BlueFish with requests for websites.
The new clients are:
• Le Expensziv — a new gourmet French restaurant offering wonderfully delicious food and extravagant prices
• A Dog’s Life — a company that offers dog grooming, training, day care, and vacation boarding services to the greater Chicago area
• Coffee Cafe — a locally owned coffee bar similar to Starbucks located in the Chicago Bucktown neighbourhood
• Baby Time — a small, upscale shop in Deer Park Mall specializing in clothes, toys, and accessories for infants and toddlers
• Kirk, Picard, & Janeway — a new accounting firm just formed by three recent accounting major graduates with CPAs, specializing in small business and tax accounting
The Task:
Web Design Director, Maria Riaz, has decided to allow your team to choose the client you would like to work with. Your task is to analyze the competition and propose a page layout design appropriate for your client’s business and target audience. There are four deliverables: Analysis Report, Design Report, Sample Page Layout, and the published website.
Choose Your Client
Your first step is to discuss the clients listed above with your team and choose your client.
Your team will need to do some investigation and background analysis. Feel free to contact your instructor (he or she will forward your questions to Maria at BlueFishMediaDesign) with your questions about your client and their business.
1. Determine the top three expectations your client has for the website.
2. Determine the target audience.
3. Locate three potential competitors (or similar websites).
4. Use the Web Design Best Practices Checklist to analyze the competition. For each competitor, note two strengths and two weaknesses.
5. The Analysis Report. Submit a written description of your results for the four analysis steps above.
Your team needs to design a sample page layout and create a presentation to propose to the client. Feel free to contact your instructor (he or she will forward your questions to Maria at BlueFishMediaDesign) with your questions about your client and their business.
1. Choose color scheme. Justify your selection.
2. Choose page layout type: jello, liquid, or ice. Justify your selection.
3. Choose font face, weight, and size for headings, subheadings, main content, footer, etc. Justify your selection.
4. The Sample Page Layout. Use any of the following applications to create a Sample Page Layout: Adobe Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Macromedia Fireworks, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or Adobe Photoshop. Create your own content, including logo banner. Upload your Sample Page Layout to the Web.
5. Share Your Design. In Week 10, show your Sample Page Layout and a Design Report describing the design to your instructor in class (or via email).
Using the sample page layout as a template and create a website for your chosen client. The website should include a homepage, and at least six (6) content page.
Submission requirements
Please submit a Word document containing the following:
? Introduction
? Analysis report from the Analysis stage
? Design report from the Design stage
? Conclusion ? Reference section
? Appendix containing:
– Sample page layout
– Screen capture of your web pages – A URL of your published website.
Word limit of the report is 2500-3000 words.
Please submit a web site that contains a home page and at least six (6) content pages. A URL is preferred. A zipped folder is also acceptable.
Marking rubric
You will be assessed as a group on the following criteria:
Report component 4.5 points
Sample page layout (provided in Week 10 meeting and in final submission) 1.5 points
Quality of the website 9 points
You will be assessed individually on group contribution.
Individual Group Contributions will be rated as follows:
5 points A real Team Player – communicates and contributes quality work almost daily, cooperates with other group members, fulfills the responsibility of the assigned role in a timely manner
4 points Communicates and contributes quality work several times a week cooperates with other group members, fulfils the responsibility of the assigned role in a timely manner
3 points Communicates only when absolutely necessary or only somewhat cooperative with group members or only minimally fulfils the responsibility of the assigned role in a timely manner
2 points Rarely communicates or is not cooperative or fulfils the responsibility of the assigned role with sub-standard or late work
0-1 point This team member is most likely to be “voted off the island” and does not contribute to the group in a positive manner


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