Homework 19946389


one to two pages . single space. normal font size.

Interview a small Business owner in your area or someone you know that owns a small business. It could be a dry cleaners, a restaurant , a barbershop, a nail salon , etc…

Questions for your assignment to ask the owner.

What type of business ownership does the business use? Refer back to chapter 5

Did you ever work for someone else? If so, why did you stop ?

Why did you go into business for yourself?

What expectations did you have when you started the business ?

Which of these expectations were fulfilled?

Which of these expectations were not fulfilled?

If the owner could change one thing in building his or her business , what would that be ??

Entrepreneurship is risky business. Thousands of new businesses are started and thousands of others fail each year. Why would someone give up the security of working for others to assume the risk of business ownership? Find out by interviewing two or three small-business owners in your area. Ask them the questions listed below.

Use Chapter 6 powerpoint charts as a guide and reference when interviewing your small business owner.

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