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Part 1: Keep an eye on the Cityrooms’ room rates. Price variations between sites over the course of the monitoring. Put the costs on a graph. Give a summary of your main findings (using theories of price, distribution, and revenue management to support your arguments).
Part 2: Determine what aspects of housekeeping, front desk, or maintenance service delivery satisfy clients.
To guarantee that clients receive satisfactory service consistently, critically assess operations and service management theories that can be used in the design of the service processes in one department.
mission statement
The assignment is divided into two parts, each of which is worth a percentage of the overall grade for this module.
Part 1 (15%): 10-minute presentations for each squad on January 12, 2015
You work in two-person teams for phase 1. Each team will receive a hotel room at niteniteCityrooms. Visit the company’s website and one outside website (such as Expedia, LateRooms, or Travelocity). Your objective is to keep track of room costs on both websites and record any changes in price over time or variations in price between sites during the monitoring period. References utilized ought to be listed.
Task 1 of part one
• On Monday, October 19, start keeping an eye on the price. Choose a single room type, with Monday, November 9, as the arrival date for just one night.
• Up until and including Sunday, November 8, check and record pricing each day, and always use November 9 as the delivery date.
Keep in mind that you are comparing the same room type on both websites.
• Draw a chart showing the prices. Record the price as zero pounds if the room type you are tracking disappears from a website at any time.
Part 1, task 2: Commence price monitoring on the same day as task one. Utilize the same kind of room as in assignment 1.
• From Monday, October 19, through Sunday, November 8, check rates daily and make note of them. HOWEVER, THIS TIME, check the price of the room as if you were going to arrive on the day you check pricing.
Keep in mind that you are comparing the same room type on both websites.
• Put the costs on a graph. Record the price as zero pounds if the room type you are tracking disappears from a website at any time.

Throughout week 10, you will deliver a summary of your main results to your peers during the planned seminar.
In the presentation, students are expected to employ ideas related to pricing, distribution, and revenue management to support their arguments. It is not enough to just describe the pattern you discover to pass this task.
Any format is acceptable, such as a poster, presentation, or handout. (UCB has resources available for accessing art room supplies. You must use your own initiative to look for ways to develop and present your own ideas.
You will be graded during your presentation and have to leave hard copies or the originals of your presentation materials with the marker. Nothing will be submitted to the resource centre.

Part 2 (60%): 3,000-word essay submitted electronically on March 12, 2015.
Find out what makes consumers happy whether you are providing housekeeping, front desk, or maintenance services.
To guarantee that clients receive satisfactory service consistently, critically assess operations and service management theories that can be used in the design of the service processes in one department.

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Pay close attention to the additional part 2 grading standards listed below.
Learn what aspects of a certain service make clients happy or unhappy. Consider some of the potential mishaps that could prevent the service from being continuously provided to the consumers’ satisfaction. After completing this, you can investigate and discuss what operations and service management theory has to say about how to set up the processes and resources to provide a more consistent performance.
Some ideas that might be covered in the essay will be explored in seminars. To communicate a good level of understanding and apply theory to a departmental setting, you will need to read more about theory and practice.
The significance of customer satisfaction or theories concerning service quality must not be discussed. To assure constant delivery to the appropriate degree of performance, concentrate ONLY on the design of a service process.
It is best to concentrate on one procedure (activity). For instance, making a reservation, checking in, cleaning a bedroom, and making sure the equipment is functioning properly.
Lesson Learning Objectives:

1. Assess the effects of environmental change on operational management strategy in the modern lodging and services sector.
2. Recognize the complexity of operational difficulties faced by managers in the hotel and tourism industries, particularly with regard to the responsibilities of facility management.
3. Recognize how technical operational areas, human resources, and other business areas interact in the effort to provide high-quality customer-centric services.

The following generic UCBs grading criteria for Level 7 HE work apply to this assignment:
Additional Evaluation Standards for Part 1
For the presentation, you should also be mindful of the following:? Only 20% of the marks will be given for demonstrated presentation skills; the remaining 80% will be given for the presentation’s quality in terms of content.
Additional Evaluation Standards for Part 2
In addition, the essay assignment has the following requirements:? You must contextualize your argument, which means that you must talk about how theory is used in hotels. The nature of the selected hotel(s), including factors like its star rating, location, and target markets, might help to partially justify the appropriate solutions.
To obtain the desired results (e.g., zero defects, speed of response, lower cost), you must combine technical knowledge of hospitality departments with theory that supports how processes and resources in a specific environment can be configured. Therefore, discussions of theory that do not consider how or why it is (or is not) appropriate for the situation are pointless. You must refrain from describing procedures in great detail. In other words, you’re trying to justify and explain WHY it’s important to set up tasks a certain manner in order to produce the intended results. Consider whether what you are writing contributes to answering the posed issue at all times. You should consider why you included a line or paragraph if it does not contribute evidence that is clearly relevant to the remit. We anticipate STRONG evidence of independent reading, especially a wide variety of current (present) periodicals. These contribute to the justification.
? We want you to draw well-reasoned conclusions that summarize the main ideas, respond to the issue posed, and express your final opinion. To make your debate convincing, in-text citations MUST support your main points of contention. Additionally, they must follow the format guidelines outlined in the UCB referencing manual.
Additionally, you MUST include page numbers for all references in this essay, even if they are not direct quotations. We recognize that this deviates from UCB regulations. For this module, you must extensively (though not exclusively) use the books and journal articles cited in the lectures, seminars, and on the UCB Online Seminar page. Additionally, only academic texts that are accessible through UCB e-resources or the library should be cited when referencing scholarly works. If you have used information outside of these sources, you must note it in the reference section and give a brief justification for its inclusion, naming the library source. This supporting information is helpful to you in demonstrating your research activity, assuring its integrity, and being reflected in a fair and impartial evaluation of your work. In your list of references, you must employ i.p. referencing. This means that you need to list the page(s) where each reference is found in the text.
Please keep in mind that this project is a unique creation that should reflect your own unique efforts. The following UCB policy will be followed in the event of plagiarism:
Extenuating Situations
Extenuating circumstances deadline:

After the Hand In Date, late work may only be submitted with a cap of 40% (UG)/ 50% (PG) unless Extenuating Circumstances are provided and approved. The final deadline for this project is 10 working days after the first deadline, with or without extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances for this assignment must be submitted no later than 10 working days after the original due date. Contact Registry at [email protected] with any unique questions.

ATS Submission: 316 EGGI 16S1C, ATS Frontispiece Assignment Key
You must use UCB Online or the direct URL to obtain the right frontispiece in the Assignment Tracking System (ATS). You will need to access the frontispiece, which needs to be attached to your turned-in work, using the assignment key mentioned above.
Access the appropriate module webpage in UCB Online and select the “Submit Assignment” link to submit your assignment online. Select the “View Assignment” link that applies to your assignment (see an example below). The time frame in which you must submit it and the assessment might help you choose the proper submission point. As seen in the example below, the submission point for Semester 1 Coursework 1 will be marked as S1 CW1.

Scan the QR Code or go to the small URL to see detailed instructions on how to submit your work.
Further Academic Advice: access materials from the Academic Skills Center, and scan the QR code.



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