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Answer the following questions regarding the in the link above:
1. Identify the following elements involved in this case from the article:
a. The use of corporate power related to the main ethical issue described in the
b. Three environments involved in the case. (environments are in the picture attached)
Provide evidence from the text to support your answers. (Textual evidence does not need
to always occur in the form of direct quotations. You can paraphrase your chosen
evidence from the text as well. However, you must provide some type of in-text
reference [e.g. in Paragraph 1] for both quoted and paraphrased evidence used from the
article. Also, make sure to explain how the textual evidence relates to your answers for
this question. Do not assume that I will automatically understand the relationship
between your answer and the evidence you provide for it.)
2. Analyze the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in this case. Do this by
identifying three (3) stakeholders in this case, their specific stake in the companys
actions, the dimension of CSR that these specific obligations fall under (economic, legal,
or social), and whether these obligations were violated by the company in question in this
3. An ethical problem such as this rarely has a single cause. Typically, such situations
involve failures at multiple levels within and outside of the organization. Identify at least
three failures that you believe might have contributed to this problem. For each
contributor, explain what the failure was and why you believe it occurred.


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