Hotel project part 2   (Sheraton in Atlantic city)

1.As a group you have a chosen a hotel to research that falls under your assigned Hotel Brand and Company which is (Sheraton in Atlantic city)

2.Mission Statements developed by your group are original, contain at least 50-60 words (not characters), and address a hotel’s three main constituent groups:




3.As a group you have properly identified and discussed five goals, strategies, and tactics that specifically relate to the 8-10 trip advisor comments reviewed

4.The trip advisor comments your group used to identify the five goals, strategies, and tactics are relevant and identify real issues found within the hotel

5.Paper is at least two full double spaced, 12 point font pages, and is written in paragraph, sequential form with minimal sentence structure, spelling, and grammatical errors

6.Your group has attached the 8-10 trip advisor comments used in creating the goals, tactics, and strategies


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