The Nurse Violence Prevention Act, House Bill 1746

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Choose a contemporary nursing practice or healthcare issue that you find interesting that is crucial to the provision of healthcare. Examine the literature on this subject (both academic and popular sources should be examined). Summarizing the literature (both pro and con), write a letter to a legislative authority stating your position on the matter. Put up your case in a clear, succinct manner. It is anticipated that the letter will be delivered to the representative.

The following should be in the letter:

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A concise, straightforward explanation of the problem, together with your recommendations for how the legislator should respond.

discussion of the topic’s crucial or vital points.
Why is this problem a problem?
What elements of the problem are being studied? Why are these factors significant? (For instance, if the issue is obesity, state the letter’s primary points as increased education about healthy eating, the risks of obesity, and childhood obesity.)
Citations from the literature are used to back up claims.

Conclusions regarding the problem and evidence to support them
Provide instances and evidence from the literature to support conclusions (at least two pertinent references that are less than five years old should be given).
Discuss the effects on nursing practice professionally.
Explain to the legislator why this problem has to be resolved.
Talk about the effects on a personal and/or professional level.

The format of the letter should be formal (see samples at

When writing and using citations in text, use the APA style (APA manual, 6th ed.).

There should be a separate reference page submitted in APA style.

Use appropriate sentence structure, spelling, and grammar.



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