House of Representatives

Election Campaign
Scenario: Following a decennial census, your state has been redistricted. You are campaigning to be elected as Representative of a new seat added to the U.S. House of Representatives for your state. Currently, the House of Representatives has scheduled to meet in a few months to discuss a proposal for “free education” for everyone in your state by increasing taxes on all small businesses and self-employed citizens to 95% of their total income. Your new district is comprised primarily of just small businesses and a few self-employed “mom and pop” start up projects. This new proposed tax would decimate (wipe out) your community. How will you get elected? What is your slogan? What are the issues on which you will campaign? And most importantly, if elected, how will you represent your people in the House of Representatives?
a. Research the issue of “free education”
b. If elected, what is your plan for education?  How do plan to protect small businesses and self-employed citizens?
c. Present a campaign speech (include your slogan, your key issues, why your issues are important, how you will address the issue of “free education,” how you will protect your district, and why people should vote for you)

Submit your three minute (or more) speech as a video presentation.


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