How about for people in Massachusetts?

Written Section #2: Please number your responses to facilitate grading; this section is worth 30 points (10 points each). Responses should be AT LEAST 250 words in length.
1) Compare the budget of the state of Texas and the budget of the state of Massachusetts. How are the states similar in how they spend money and how are the states different? How would you expect life to be different in Massachusetts compared to Texas based on how the governments spend their money? Base your arguments on the multiple sources provided and not your own “guess.” (CT 1 and CT2)
2) Life in Texas and Massachusetts can be very different, but that does not one inherently better than the other. Which one is better might depend on your definition of a “quality” life. What factors do you believe lead to high quality of life? How you rate different life factors can be your opinion, but the factors you use should be based on the sources. How do you think living in TX influences your perspective on what makes for a “quality” life? How do you think TX government spending influences your quality of life in general? (CT 3 and CT 4)
3) Looking back at spending by the states of Texas and Massachusetts, what would happen if each state changed its spending priorities? In other words, how would you expect changes in spending would harm or enhance the quality of life for Texans? How about for people in Massachusetts? Be sure to mention specific spending changes and base your argument on how you would define quality of life. (CT 5)

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