How accurate are the currently available programs?

research the current market in optical character recognition (OCR) software
•write a 500 word paper that addresses the following
*what programs are the most popular?
*what open source options are available?
*How accurate are the currently available programs?
•make sure to properly cite your sources using APA style

So first u have to check for OCR software, u’ll find some of them free and some for fees.

Check which are the most popular now in 2018 which are the mostly used (with little research on the web u can get this).

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Then q2. Is about open source which means free ocr software, type open source ocr on google and u will find some, mention them and if they have some features.

Q3. U have to google this one and check some reviews about the software. So check the accuracy of the software do they work well? Is there any problems regarding accuracy? Anyone has complaints. (Don’t forget to use citation here)

use one free software use it and try the ocr feature.

Dont forget to write this in an essay like in pargraphes.

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