How and where would the ‘serious game’ be implemented.

This week we are going to look at and use some of the serious games that have been listed in the article.
Your assignment this week will be to look at a few of the sites and become an active participant. Please do not pay for anything, but you can join any of the free sites. I want to have you look around and explore the games that have been referenced in the article.
Please find two sites from the list below and visit the website.

Visit the site and look around.
Join the site if possible or just explore the organization or company offerings.
Write a two page paper on what you find and try to relate the analysis to what you have learned in the chapter and what you have learned thus far in the course. Please make sure to include the following answers to these questions in your paper.

What does the gaming software do and how would this be helpful in public policy, learning, education in general.
How and where would the ‘serious game’ be implemented.
Please include a few screen shots of the simulations or demos of the simulations with explanation.

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