How can brain damage affect a persons perception?

Sensation and Perception

Please use correct APA references and citations.

How can brain damage affect a person’s perception?
How has ablation been used to demonstrate the existence of ventral and dorsal processing streams? What is the function of these streams?
Describe the possible role of experience-dependent plasticity in determining how neurons and brain areas respond to horizontal, vertical and slanted lines, and greebles.
Why are even the most sophisticated computers unable to match a person’s ability to perceive objects?
Can we tell what people perceive by monitoring their brain activity? Explain.
What are the two stages in feature integration theory? What does feature integration theory propose about the role of attention in perception and binding?
What is the connection between perceiving and moving through the environment?
What are mirror neurons? How do neurons called mirror neurons respond when a person perceives an action and when the person watches someone else perceive the same action?
Describe lacoboni’s experiment that suggested that there are mirror neurons that respond to intentions.

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