How can I incorporate cultural safety in my nursing practice ?

Reflective journal
Submit a reflective journal that explores your thoughts and feelings about culture and nursing practice. “What is culture? How can I incorporate cultural safety in my nursing practice ?

Reflective journals are ‘flexible generally you would have an intro, body, and conclusion. The body usually puts forward a theoretical perspective, then an anecdote, then reflection, then conclusion. 12 references for journal. . Academic writing for the theoretical perspective then you are able to use the first person for reflective perspective. Use an experience of your own to reflect on. P.S. Any setting!! If nothing springs to mind in healthcare try to use another life experience that you can transfer the learning from you can draw upon any life experience for your reflective piece. Most of us have had some exposure to the health care system at some stage. Some have had a very positive experience and can reflect on that. Some have not had a positive experience and can reflect on that. You could do the theoretical perspective…. then a narrative… your reflections and learning??�s. Use the assessment template provided.
” Format your assessment with 1.0 line spacing, 12 point Arial font, 3.5cm margins and page numbering.
” Harvard style referencing
” 800 words journal entry does NOT include references
” You need to use sufficient references to support your case study. I suggest a minimum of approximately 12 references would be required to support your argument.
” References less than or equal to 5 years old are preferred.

If I was going to write a reflective piece I would start off with an introduction that gave a fairly clear, concise, succinct introduction of culture and cultural safety at nursing practce.
Then you might put forward a story, anecdote or case study to build your argument.
Reflection is the importance of establishing a therapeutic relationship and therapeutic communication. Link back to the theory at beginning

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