How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character (by PaulTough)


Work is based on the text How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough.
Notice: Please limit your responses to no more than two paragraphs for each question. Instead of giving your own perspective on the subject, you should respond to those questions by stating the author’s position on the issue.
1) Why does the author contend that recent research on the interaction between social context and human neurochemistry calls into question accepted beliefs about what is necessary for success in life?
2) The author asks how parenting might mitigate the detrimental impacts of early stress exposure and behavioral issues in adulthood.
What mechanisms, according to the author, are responsible for the improvement in cognitive function seen in the M&M experiment and for the distinction between low- and high-stakes cognitive tests discovered by éegai?
4) Why does the author imply that character skill development would matter differently for students in each group to achieve when comparing KIPP Infinity to Riverdale students?
5) Why were the character report cards introduced at KIPP Infinity School?
6) What exactly are J. Rowson and J. Warguing about when it comes to the significance of IQ in playing chess?
7) What does the success of Spiegel’s chess instruction imply about the requirements for early teenage achievement?
8) What is the author’s suggested explanation for the finding that high school GPA is a greater predictor of college graduation than ACT scores?
Homework questions (number six)
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9) What do Angela Duckworth’s “Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions” technique and Jeff Nelson’s OneGoals road map for graduating from college have in common?

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10) What are the essential elements of the OneGoal approach to bridging the achievement gap between underprivileged kids and their more privileged peers?


The book puts forth the theory that treatments that impact non-cognitive

Adolescents’ abilities can repair gaps created by early learning.

disadvantage. What difficulties do you anticipate economists will face when assessing the efficacy of those kinds of initiatives using actual data, based on your understanding of labor economics? Do you believe that the evidence emphasized in the book is sufficient to substantiate the author’s claims? (Reply in no more than five sentences.)

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