How could job characteristics theory guide Andrea as she considers ways of combining areas for the staffers?

YOUR TASK about combining areas? What would be the profile of Your task is to prepare a report for Andrea that lays out some potential courses of action to follow at the morning and after- someone who could take on a lot more versus someone who can take on only a little more? noon briefings, as well as moving forward as the new course 4. What advice would you give to Andrea in terms of her use for the Blaze is charted. Be sure to provide not just specific recommendations, but also some thoughts that support those recommendations so that Andrea understands your reasoning. n Par dicne oowng points.changes in the work structure, especially for those staff l. Drawing on discussions of informational justice, h of the bigger compensation budget? Would you give every- one a short-term “retention bonus” or a more permanent raise? Or would you leverage those funds to support the ers with an especially expanded workload? What would be the difficulties associated with those two options? should Andrea approach the morning briefing? Should she be honest and informative in explaining corporate 5. How much voice and input would you recommend Andrea actions in the downsizing, or should she be more guarded? give to the staffers as the Blaze transitions to its “new nor mal”? What are the pluses of giving such input and what would be the dangers associated with it? How could those dangers be mitigated? 2. How could job characteristics theory guide Andrea as she considers ways of combining areas for the staffers? Is there a way to give the new versions of their jobs a higher 6. As you consider the broader challenges faced by the satisfaction potential than the pre-downsizing versions? Assuming the staffers’ personnel files have data on the Big Five, how could those data be used to inform the decisions newspaper industry, what could Andrea do to maintain or restore the sense of meaning and significance that the Blaze staffers connect to their work? 3.

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