How did the inaugural 1975 season of Saturday Night Live change the landscape of late night and comedy television?

Argument and Research
Papers should consider their topic as it relates to the larger context of media history and come to
terms with what has been published about their topic. As such, students should use research from
at least three sources, which could include scholarly journals, books, industrial press, and
primary interviews, to forward an original argument about the significance or function of their
topic in media history. The course textbook should also be used as a source. Please meet with me
if you have questions about specific sources.
Organization and Clarity
Papers should begin with an introductory paragraph that sets the stage for the topic they will
discuss in the body of the paper, and the introduction should end with a thesis statement (aka
proposition) that clearly outlines what they will discuss in their paper. Body paragraphs should
be clearly organized, demonstrate unity, and incorporate research from a variety of sources.

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