How do media influence economics, politics, and culture in ways that positively or negatively affect the global village?

Thus far in the semester, we have discussed what it means to live in a pervasive media society wherein most
of us spend more time using media technologies than all other daily activities, including work and sleep. As
Lule describes in his (2012) text, media are used as tools for economic, political, and cultural globalization.
While some people believe that media have helped to foster a global village by creating a more
interconnected and interdependent world, others believe media have actually enhanced conflict,
miscommunication, and indifference. The purpose of this writing assignment is to prompt you to reflect on
your perceptions about the relationship between media and globalization. Answer the following prompts,
using evidence from the texts and lectures, to support your ideas:
1. Describe the connection between the pervasive media environment and the global village.
2. How do media influence economics, politics, and culture in ways that positively or negatively
affect the global village?
3. Explain why you believe McLuhan’s global village or Lule’s global village of Babel better
describes our world.
Paper Requirements
1. The paper is worth 30 points.
2. Your paper should have a title page formatted according to APA (6th edition) style conventions.
3. Your paper should have a references page formatted according to APA style conventions.
4. Your paper should be double-spaced with 12-point font.
5. The length of the paper should be less than 1500 words (e.g., between 5 and 6 double-spaced pages,
excluding the title and references pages).
6. The paper is due, in class, on Thursday, October 20, 2016, at the beginning of class.
7. Only hard copies will be accepted.
8. A 10% grade deduction will be applied for each day the paper is late.
Suggestions for Writing the Analysis Paper
– A high quality paper will have strong organizational structure. This means, generally, that the paper
should have an introductory paragraph that contains a thesis statement and a preview of the main
points of the paper. You should work to carefully craft a succinct, well-reasoned, and wellintegrated
response to the questions in this assignment. The body of the paper, where you answer
the key questions and apply the course concepts/theories, will be clearly organized. The paper will
also have a concluding paragraph that summarizes the purpose of the paper and any important final
– To receive full credit, you will need to apply each theory/concept in detail and provide concrete
– A high quality paper will demonstrate a thoughtful analysis of the key questions and provide a
thorough synthesis of the course readings and lectures.
– A well-written paper will not have spelling, grammatical or typo errors.
– Although you do not need to use outside sources for this paper, you should cite all relevant sources
(e.g., readings, lectures) using APA 6th edition style.

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