How do these two flawed data sets differ?

just analyze the graph and write about it same as the example provided see what I’ve wrote. The sensor was in ME 250 room I just need two paragraph and that’s it.This is the assignment.1. Provide a line graph of each data set of time vs. people (2 total line graphs for this section) 2. Provide a histogram of each day of people in the room vs. frequency of that population (2 total histogram charts for this section)3. Identify potential sources of error. How do these two flawed data sets differ? Provide recommendations to address the sources of error identified. This is how it will be graded. Data analysis section has introductory paragraph with sufficient details to help reader understand the upcoming results and how data analysis was performed. Data analysis is clearly performed correctly from viewing included graphs, and all graphs are explained and are of high quality. A “Rush Hour” is well defined. Excellent quality

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