How do they help improve your chances on winning the General Election?

In this activity you are going to apply what you have learned this week about policy as well as apply what you have learned in this course so far to create a basic presidential campaign plan.
Imagine that you have been serving the past few years as the governor of your home state or a U.S. Senator representing your home state. You have done great work and face no challenge in winning the nomination of your party to run in the General Election. In your campaign plan, please address the following:
Part 1: Campaign Details

What is your home state?
What is your political party?
What is your campaign tagline or slogan? Almost all recent presidential campaigns have had a theme song. For example, in 1992, Bill Clinton used the song,” Don’t Stop,” by Fleetwood Mac. In 2012, Republican nominee Mitt Romney used the song, “Born Free,” by Kid Rock. What is your campaign theme song? Why did you select that song.
Select someone to be your Vice Presidential Running Mate. You can pick anyone that would eligible, per the Constitution, to serve as President. Why did you select this person to be your vice presidential running mate? How do they help improve your chances on winning the General Election?

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