How do they weave in half a dozen presenters (national news, local news, weather, sports, etc.) smoothly?

.What do your Baby=Boomer Professors NOT understand about how Millenials learn? What, specifically, should they realize? How should they, then, act? How would this make their courses better?

2.Compare your favorite TED Talk to at least one other one. What is so effective about the presentation? Please comment on the design of the presentation (Presenter’s outline), the actual delivery, and the use of electronics produce a polished video. In your comments, please take the perspective of a Video Producer and state (and describe) at least 5 specific recommendations you will make to your own Project Team that come from your analysis.

3.A recent book (“Can I Have Your Attention”) emphasizes the importance of capturing and keeping the attention of your training audience. How can/should a professor/trainer combat the constant lure of trainee distractions, including checking email, updating Facebook, thinking random thoughts, doodling, etc. Make at least FIVE SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS and describe them from idea to the implementation stage, that would reduce the attraction of distractions for trainees.

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4.How does the local news capture and hold the attention of viewers and prevent them from going to bed early? How do they weave in half a dozen presenters (national news, local news, weather, sports, etc.) smoothly? How do they manage to present 5-10 news stories in approximately 20 minutes? How do they use audio clips, music, on-the-street interviews, and graphics so naturally?

Watch a real-time or video LOCAL (not national) news program. Analyze it from the viewpoint of the questions presented above. Make at least FIVE SPECIFIC recommendations that result from your analysis that would be useful to your Project Team as it designs and implements its training video?

5.Propose one specific question I should add to the end-of-semester SIRS student evaluation that is NOT already present. The question should be specific to this Training & Development course. Give the specific phrasing and formatting of the question and justify its relevance and importance.

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