How do you decide who gets what?

It’s easy to think we can see wage discriminations. They’re blatant, right? I believe we’ve all seen a lot of prejudice, in many areas, and probably felt a good deal in some discussion forums with past courses. It might have been totally based on money. We’ve seen advantaged people dissed, and disadvantaged people dissed even more. If you’re advantaged, does the fact that someone else isn’t or may even be poor, affect or shape your thoughts about them? If you’re not advantaged (wealthy), does the fact that someone else is, affect or shape your thoughts about them? Does it steer your conversational thoughts? And because you’re on-line, your computer screen is not unlike a mask. You can actually be whomever, and whatever, you’d like to be. You’re he only one who knows what you’re really like in this course. Do you expect the advantaged to be boring and fake… – the less advantaged to be boring and fake, but not always? Is it easier to believe that someone less advantaged could actually be “pretty cool”? The problem is that the stereotypes in our brains aren’t easy to ignore and you may have judged a lot of people unfairly. For this discussion, you’re a corporate manager. So be honest; does your perception of others affect your thoughts, inputs and actions? Maybe your pay is based on the ability to keep employee costs low. How do you decide who gets what? And try to make the correlation with this week’s materials.

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