How do you dispose of sensitive automated information?

The news media seems to regularly report on organizations, government, and individuals who lose data storage devices such as hard drives or USB drives and other digital systems such as laptops, smart phones, etc.
What do you think is an organization’s responsibility to ensure protection and proper destruction of any sensitive or personal information regarding employees, customers, etc.?
How do you dispose of sensitive automated information? Do you think this is sufficient to protect your information or that of your organization? Why or why not?
Discuss your understanding of how disk encryption can help protect data in case the hardware is lost or stolen.
Do you think this is enough to protect the data? Explain your answer.

A client of yours is concerned about external intrusion on their corporate network, and those inside their environment that they seek to fire! They’ve heard about firewalls and they need your professional opinion as to whether, with the implementation of firewalls, they can feel 100% secured. Still on their quest to maintain a secure environment, especially with much concern on external attacks, they would like to understand what Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) are about.
As a group, complete the following:
What are IDS and IPS?
What can they protect them against?
Write a 2-3 page paper that fully answers the questions.
Your paper should be written in the APA style. Be sure to cite any sources you used to write your paper.

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