How do you feel students should be evaluated in general?

Comparing/Contrasting Educational Evaluation As this week’s readings indicate, it is important to establish a common understanding of the distinctions between assessment, evaluation, performance measurement, and other terms used in educational evaluation. For this discussion, offer clear distinctions between these terms for an educational or workplace learning setting of your choosing. Your initial post (due Day 3) should be 150 to 250 words in length. Remember to support your assertions with experience and/or other sources. To guide your thinking, consider the following: Which assessment terms are similar? How might they differ? Give an example of a past evaluation you either received at work or gave to an employee. What type of assessment was used (formative/summative)? What factors influenced the choice of assessment used? If you have not received an evaluation at work, think back to all the assessments you have had as a student. What types of assessments were used? What were some aspects that helped you as a student? How do you feel students should be evaluated in general?

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