How do you recommendprotectingyour environment from malicious software?

knesses in software applications. As we have learned from security breaches of systems at retailers like Target and Home Depot, we see the importance of ensuring that security testing efforts are up to date. I believe the main objective of security testing is to find out how vulnerable a system is and to determine whether its data and resources are protected from potential intruders. With online transactions increasing security testing is one of the most critical areas of testing all web applications


2:. Why and how would you suggest, testing security?



3: How do you recommend protecting your environment from malicious software?


4:Please describe issues related to wireless security?


5:    George, good post and good point, “there are many security issues when it comes to wireless” and I like your advice about how “network administrators must be aware of these risks, and stay up-to-date on any new risks which might be out there,” great points.


Throughput – poor power connection and limited connection.


Bottlenecking – high volume of traffic, happens during certain times of the day.  An example would be apartments, hotels, and anywhere wireless connections are shared.


Hacking – wireless system is not secure.


George and class, how important are passwords?  And how often should they be changed.


6:I agree on your definition of security testing. Security testing is important in making sure everything is working properly and up to date with the latest protection. There has been large organizations that have been victim to hackers like you mention. Recently I heard that Wendy’s had a breach of people’s credit cards and personal information being out. I believe having security testing more often for these large organizations would at times prevent things like this from happening. It’s scary knowing that you can buy something as simple as a shake and loose thousands of dollars from your credit card information being stolen.

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