How do you respond to the discussion Turkle has in relation to using the baby seal robot?

Exam Questions Short Answer question 1 Should there be a line drawn as to what kinds of tasks we leave to machines, and what we should keep as humans? In the ‘Alone Together’ talk by Professor Sherry Turkle, analyse her argument about the role of technology in our lives. How do you respond to the discussion Turkle has in relation to using the baby seal robot? Short Answer question 2 Professor Jennifer Golbeck states in the ‘Curly fry conundrum’ that there are three roads that we can take in relation to the future of our data. What ‘way’ do you think is the best for individuals? Support your argument with evidence. Essay topics (choose any 2) 1. If everyone with a mobile phone is journalist, how do we trust the news? Discuss. 2. Choose an example of a social media fail and analyse the event. Explain what went wrong, what the company’s response was, what were the lessons learned and recommendations for what could have done differently. 3. ‘A government does not have the right to censor social media sites. This should be done at the company level through policy’. Discuss, giving examples to support your ideas. ?
? Two short answer questions. Both questions are compulsory and are 500-750 words in length.
? In part two you will be given a range of questions, of which you are required to answer only two of your choosing. Each answer should include references and a reference list and be no more than 1500 words each
(excluding the reference list).
? Please include your student number and name on every page. Underline your family name.
? Please list the actual question number you are answering as part of your final submission
? All pages must be numbered eg 1/16 or 1 of 16
? When you submit you must upload ONE attachment only. Please ensure that your answers are submitted as one file only
? Submit as a word document or PDF

? All answers must be typed.
? Turnitin will be used as part of the submission process, please keep in mind that the report can take up to 24
hours to collate.
? Please use paragraphs when writing. Large slabs of text will not be accepted.
? Do not use personal pronouns for the essay answers.
? Each answer must include all references used. You must use the Harvard system of referencing (as per the
College of Business guidelines). Please refer to the referencing website on the learning hub. Your referencing
in text must match your reference list. You must have a separate reference list for each question.
? Minimum of 10 references per question is expected (in essay, short answers minimum of 5).

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