How does culture affect the learning of students?

Watch the following videos:

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Culture | Saba Safdar | TEDxGuelphU (Safdar, 2012)
  • How Culture Drives Behaviours | Julien S. Bourrelle |TEDxTrondheim(Bourrelle, 2015)
  • Stereotypes – Funny Because They Are True | Katerina Vrana | TEDxThessaloniki (Vrana, 2012)
  • What’s So Different About Cultures Anyway?: Dato Gogichaishvili at TEDxTbilisi (Gogichaishvili, 2013)

Based on these videos and the readings you have done throughout this course, what have you learned about different cultures? What does culture mean to you? How does culture affect the learning of students?

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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