How does having access to a search tool such as CINAHL impact your ability to access quality resources for clinical practice?

I will upload a doc. that contains sources you need to use in this paper. answering following questions
SECTION 1 APA FORMAT (1 paragraph) Review three different APA resources and select the one you found the most helpful and describe what features you anticipate using the most.
SECTION 2 PLAGIARISM (2 paragraphs) Spend time reviewing Module 6 of the UWM Libraries Information Literacy Tutorial and the Writing Without Plagiarism Tutorial In your own words, define plagiarism and cite two other definitions of it in APA style. Articulate what defines unintentional plagiarism and how it might be avoided Describe what the ethical purpose of citing sources is and why it is important to use a standard citation format, like APA. Incorporate one in-text citation from Kenny (2007) in APA as part of your response.
SECTION 3 INFORMATION LITERACY (2 paragraphs) Spend time reviewing Module 1 of the UWM Libraries Information Literacy Tutorial. If you were working on finding information about diagnosing or maintaining care (choose one) for teenagers with type 2 Diabetes, what are 4-5 keywords or phrases concerning that specific concept you might use to find articles about it in a library database, such as CINAHL? Generate a list of them and show how some terms might be related or used in different combinations. o Use the SEARCH GRID to demonstrate how you are using terms and how different combinations will impact your search results. Try using some of these terms in CINAHL and describe what it is like to use this database. Discuss which terms gave you the most relevant results and any points of frustration and/or success you had. Compare and contrast what it is like to use this database with another search tool you have used before (such as Google or [email protected]) How is different? How is similar? Why is it important to have quality standards for information used in clinical and nursing practice?

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