How does Metropolis comment on Plato’s republic

This is the structure that you have to follow:

4-6 pages. Suggestions: 1. Is Freder a supreme ruler who has overstepped the bounds of God’s laws for compassion and decency? Is Frederson a sort of “anointed one,” meant to save society from itself? How so? 2. The social classes are distinctively separate. Could Metropolis have survived if re-ordered according to Plato’s ideas of a perfect society? How so? 3. What do you see in the film that speaks to some of the pressing social issues we face in our country today? Please explain. 4. The world continues to expect the advantages that mechanization and technological innovation promise. While much is gained, what is lost? Are there serious dangers inherent in the quest for an advanced civilization? Is society on track to inherit some of the dysfunctional realities presented in Lang’s film? 5. How does Metropolis comment on Plato’s republic or visa-versa?

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