How does organizational theory describe Yahoo?

In your essay, you must take a position (“thesis”) and then defend it in a paper that shows that you’ve aggregated across a breadth of references and then synthesized them into a unique argument that you can convey intelligibly.  You should be more concerned about that approach instead of worrying if you got the exam “right” or not.


The paper should be between five and eight pages long.  You may use any source that you like.




You’re somewhat familiar with Yahoo, of course.  Please read this article from the Wall Street Journal of June 19.



You may also do any additional research on the company, or its chief executive, Marissa Meyer.


Then proceed to the questions below.




In a well-prepared paper, please respond to the following questions:


  • How would you describe Yahoo’s culture based on its artifacts and its norms and values?  Why did you take the position that you did?
  • How does organizational theory describe Yahoo?  What best describes its approach to managing people–Classical approaches, Humanistic, etc?
  • Take organizational momentum into account.  What leadership style permeates the organization and what pitfalls lie therein?
  • To what extent do you see conflict in the organization?


In other words, how did Yahoo get into this mess and what’s the most likely outcome?

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