How does this class prepare you for your next opportunity?

please rewrite the attached paper that make mine, apa format.

I am staff Accountant at TS tech, the company that i did the research for future career is state auto -accounting manager position.

please follow the guidelines below. thank you

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Depth of content, synthesis and analysis
Evidence of clear connections between course content, text content, HBR readings, other research and personal experience
Quality of information and synthesis
Integration/reflection between course materials, research for paper and experiences in negotiation in the course”

How does this class prepare you for your next opportunity?
What research should you prepare?
What Sources? Where would you find them?
How would you analyze the situation?
How to define your goals?
Short term? Long term?
What future opportunities might this bring?
What challenges?
Financial, Emotional, Physical, Psychological Impact?
How will this affect relationships? Now? Future?
How do BATNA’s, reservation points, walk away points, apply to my future career decisions?
How can I use the concepts of this class to better prepare myself for the future?

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