How does this culture affect employees?

On March 14, 2012, Greg Smith, the executive director and head
of the Goldman Sachs’ US equity derivatives business in Europe, the
Middle East and Africa, resigned his position. He came out and made
public the corporate culture and leadership at this company in an
op ed published in the New York Times.
1. Watch (if you have not done so) the three videos about this
in the Watching page of the topic.
2. Read (again) the Discussion Case: Goldman Sachs’ “Toxic
Culture” at the beginning of Chapter 4.
3. Share your thoughts about the following issues, and more
importantly, explain in details your arguments to support your
a. If the culture at Goldman Sachs is as it was described by
Smith, how might senior executives change it?
b. Do the organization(s) to which you belong have a culture?
How did it arise? Does it need to be changed? If yes, how?
c. In general, how can corporate leaders shape the culture of
their organization? How does this culture affect employees? Provide
examples to illustrate your points.

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