How does this text help you answer the question “what is World Literature?

write a 1-2 page report (double-spaced) that will include the following:  A) basic information about the text, including author, title, characters, plot, argument, poetic features, whatever is applicable;  B) summary of one peer-reviewed article that treats the text explicitly ( Your secondary source should be an academic source that explicitly treats your primary text.  Note: you do not have to find a source that treats the precise selection that you are reading.  For instance, if you were focusing on Book I of the Odyssey, but you could only find articles that treat Book II or Book XII, that’s fine.  You just want to be sure your source is focusing on your text.); C) responses to questions, and both responses should be derived from at least one key quote from the primary text: 1) Conceptual Question: How does this text help you answer the question “what is World Literature?” Or, how does this text change the way you view the “world”?

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