How effective do you think training can be in raising employee motivation?

HCS 341 week3
Managing Human Resources 7e Ch08
1. How effective do you think training can be in raising employee motivation?
2. How important is it that the effectiveness of a training program be measured in
dollar terms? Why is it important to measure training effectiveness in the first
3. Training provides workers with skills needed in the workplace. However, many
organizations have dynamic environments in which change is the norm. How can
training requirements be identified when job duties are a moving target?

4. Small businesses have limited budgets for training. If you were a small-business owner, how would you address training needs cost effectively?

Managing Human Resources 7e Ch09

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5. It has been argued that training can lead to turnover, but career development can reduce it.
Differentiate between training and career development. Why might training lead to turnover
whereas career development might improve retention? Explain.

6. . How would you go about retaining and developing older employees who are part of a dualcareer couple?

7. Today’s organizations are flatter and offer fewer opportunities for advancement.
How do you think careers should be developed in this type of organizational

8. What challenges do nontraditional family units pose to company career development plans? How can companies meet these challenges?

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