How has the change in business purpose (i.e. manufacturing vs. service) and the business environment, worker attitudes, and behaviors affected the role of the manager in an organization and how has the theory evolved to cope?

How has the change in business purpose

References and in-text citations in PA

Students study organizational theory and how it relates to the job of a manager in the twenty-first century.


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How has the position of the manager in an organization changed as a result of the shift from manufacturing to services, as well as changes in the business environment, employee attitudes, and behaviors, and how has the theory changed to adapt? Talk about it in depth. Ensure that your response includes details from the organizational theory timeline.


The manager’s function has evolved from the 20th century to the 21st century, as we saw in theme one, with the manager becoming more people-centric in the performance of their duties.


2. Using the content from this week, list and explain 5 skills that are specific to 21st-century successful managers. The characteristics of the workplace in new firms, such as the shift in organizational structure (flat, horizontal, virtual, etc.) and employee expectations for the working environment, should be taken into account when composing your response.



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