How has the US government fought or contribute to racial discrimination in American society?

Here, you’ll write at least 250 words to give me a sense of what you plan to do for your web article. In particular, your proposal should cover these ideas:

Purpose and Audience: What do you hope to accomplish with your web article? Are you trying to persuade your audience to change their behavior? Take action? Argue in favor of a particular solution? And who is this argument directed to? Be as specific as you’re able to be — since you’re writing persuasively you should think about who you’re hoping to persuade. Take some time to explain why you have decided on this purpose and what you really want to say. In this section, I really want to see whats important to you, since good writing is self-motivated.
For a refresher on analyzing your own rhetorical situation, see EAA Chapter 2 “Rhetorical Situations.”
Thesis: State the working thesis that you will assert in the final web article, and explain in about a paragraph why this will be the thesis youve decided on. Your thesis should be an arguable claim that others can logically have different perspectives on. It should also engage your readers’ interest that can surprise your audience with something new or challenging.
For more information about thesis statements, see EAA pages 303-307, the section entitled “What’s the Claim?” in Chapter 15 “Analyzing and Constructing Arguments”.
Style and Design: This includes visuals, writing style, and document design. Since you are writing in the genre of a web article, this means there must be some visual elements to accompany the text. What photos, illustrations, charts, or other visual elements will you include? How will you design the page? Youll also want to write in a voice and style most appropriate for your chosen audience. What will that be?
For more information about multimodal design considerations, see EAA Chapters 29-30, “Designing What You Write” and
“Writing in Multiple Modes.” EAA Chapter 25 “What’s Your Style?” provides advice about writing style.
Note: if you choose to refer to sources in your explanation, be sure to put your quotes in quotation marks and cite your sources!


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