How ignorance about biology of ebola resulted in death

One of the most important jobs we have as scientists is to help inform the non-scientifically literate public about the ways science impacts their lives. We can have a significant impact on peoples’ behavior and attitudes by providing accurate and accessible (understandable) explanations. Recall how ignorance about the biology of Ebola resulted in the death of the aid workers who were murdered by the very people they were hoping to help.
For this final assignment in our Ebola Project I am asking you to write a paragraph in the style of secondary literature explaining one aspect of the biology of the Ebola virus. Take a look at your previous post on the Concept Applications- Review Paper wiki and the review paper, “A new player in the puzzle of filovirus entry” by White and Schronberg as a starting point. Choose one part of the Ebola cell biology story to explain. Your goal is to write a paragraph that could be read and understood by a non-scientist. Your paragraph will be graded based on the rubric provided below. Use the rubric as a guide for what to include and how to prepare your paragraph.

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