How important is it to embrace the cultural difference of your employees?

 What programs or training could you put into place to ensure that employees are understanding of cultural differences in the work place and to the people you serve? For example, if you work in education you have to be somewhat understanding of the diversity of your student body. Show an example of a program / training a company similar to your profession has implemented to train employees. Objective: To examine the role of cultural differences in the workplace. To prepare for your reflection paper be sure to address each of the following topics” •Part 1: Introduction: address the questions above. •Part 2: Connection with the course materials: When you began reading the assigned text and viewing materials for weeks 1 & 2 where do your experiences fit in? Topics to consider writing about include the concept of diversity, cultural norms, etc. Consider how the workplace may be different from the rest of society in terms of culture and cultural norms. •Part 3: Conclusion: Provide an example and discuss the pros and cons based on what we’ve been reading about, viewing and discussion in the course so far. Your paper should be 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font such as Times New Roman. Use ASA or APA formatting for your style guide. Cite any quotes or paraphrasing within your paper. Textbook : Parrillo, Vincent N. (2015). Understanding Race and Ethnic Relations, 5th ed. Pearson, ISBN: 9780205926763

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