How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) effecting international management?

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) effecting international management? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Focus points Your paper must detail what artificial intelligence is? Why organizations are seeking artificial intelligence as a management tool What are the pros and cons of using artificial intelligence in international management? Where is the balance within OR is there a balance that does or can exist between human interaction and artificial intelligence within international management? Your personal belief about artificial intelligence and how you would implement it within the management confines of your organization. Rubric Section 1 – provide an abstract of your paper Section 2 – Define international marketing and introduction to its effect on international marketing Section 3- why artificial intelligence as an international management tool Section 4 – Pros and Cons for artificial intelligence in international marketing (if you use a table you MUST full describe the content of the table) Section 5 – Balance between AI and Human intervention Section 6 – Your views on AI and how you would implement within your organization. My Turnitin report CANNOT exceed a 5% similarity match on my similarity report (excluding references). No exceptions! This means my paper would be 95% of my own words. No plagiarism is permitted regardless of the similarity report.

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