How is the Jaina conception of karma unique?

Respond to the following questions in detail . Explain and be as specific as possible.

1/ How is the philosophy of the darsanas UNLIKE the earlier beliefs and practices of Vedic Hinduism?

2. Why does Arjuna hesitate to fight in the Bhagavad-Gita? What does the interaction of Arjuna and Krishna represent? What pieces of advice does Krishna give him in order to convince him to fight?

3/ Explain the doctrine of “tat tvam asi” (you are that), or “atman=Brahman.” What does this mean/imply? Explain how this is related to the ideas of maya,karma,moksha, and samsara?

4/ Explain why it is so important to respect all life and to practice austerities in Jainism. How is the Jaina conception of karma unique? Use the words ahimsa, karma, kevala, jiva, and ajiva in your answer.

5/ Hinduism is a very tolerant and diverse tradition which includes many types of rituals, beliefs, and practices. How does Hindu thought explain and justify this great diversity? Explain how this is supported by concepts like Brahman, Yoga, deva, ishta devata, bhakti, and puja.

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