How justice has been applied in your family of origin.

For this assignment, you will write a reflection paper that includes a summary of the constructs from the Contextual Family Therapy model and an application of those concepts to your own (or another person’s if this is too difficult) family of origin.

Include the following in the model summary:

  1. The major assumptions for change in the contextual approach.
  2. Use your own words to identify, define, and describe the major concepts of the contextual approach.
  3. AIDress what makes this approach different from some of the other MFT approaches you have studied.
  4. AIDress what makes it a systems-based approach to treatment.

Include the following in your application of this model to your family of origin:

  1. The important family legacies that are a part of your family of origin
  2. The intergenerational transmission of the family culture
  3. The invisible loyalties that exist in your family of origin
  4. How justice has been applied in your family of origin
  5. How these have impacted your development and that of any siblings, including how you/they exited (grew up) the family of origin

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