How much does project management impact the success of a new information system?

Information system projects range from very small, end-user development projects, to major implementations of enterprise systems. Regardless of size, they all have some common characteristics.

First, they require the effective use of project management tools and technologies that help keep the project on time, within budget, and meet objectives. The success rate for implementing a new information system is not good. This very poor success rate is due to a lack of proper project management.

Every project includes the same five variables that must be properly managed:

Scope: what work is or is not included in a project.
Time: establish timeframes for each component of a project.
Cost: the amount of time multiplied by the cost of human resources required of a project.
Quality: does the project improve organizational performance and decision making?
Risk: potential problems that may threaten the project”’s success.
After reading the Managing Projects chapter in your text, respond to the following points and questions:

1.How much does project management impact the success of a new information system?

2.In your opinion, why do builders of new information systems need to address implementation and change management?

3.Why is it important to consider the end users in a new systems project?

4.It has been said that most information systems fail because system builders ignore organizational behavior problems. Why is this true?

5.Assume you are a project manager in a company that operates in many countries. What factors would you consider in order to effectively manage an information-systems project in a global setting as opposed to a project located only here in the USA? (You may want to read the Summary in this unit before you formulate your response.)

6.When you reply to your classmates, compare and contrast their findings and decisions with yours, paying particular attention to #4 and #5.

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