How often are the different types of cement purchased?

The marketing team’s marketing knowledge and data acquisition skills are crucial to the success of this project. You will collect and analyze the information necessary to develop a marketing plan for Cemex in the United States. The marketing plan is a written document that outlines the marketing program, along with the promotional budget allocation over the planning period. In other words, your marketing plan details what is needed to implement your marketing program and achieve its goals. When developing your marketing plan, you should first review vision and mission statements and then research Cemex’s vision and mission statements.

It is important to note that a marketing plan is not the same as a business plan. While the marketing plan is part of the business plan, business plans typically also include additional information such as financial strategies, operations, risk management, and human resources. Use this marketing plan template to help you create your marketing plan.

Now that you understand the components of a marketing plan, continue to the next step, where you will learn about Cemex and the cement industry.

complete the following:


the marketing team needs to conduct an analysis of US cement customers. Outline how the team would conduct this analysis, while considering both current and potential product users. Your analysis should address how you would determine answers to the following questions:

  • What needs are being met by the cement purchase? What are the benefits to the customers? Make sure that you differentiate between features and benefits; go beyond manifest motives and consider latent motives.
  • Who is involved in the cement purchase process? Who are the influencers, buyers, and users?
  • Where is cement sold (i.e., distribution channel)?
  • How often are the different types of cement purchased? Is there seasonality to sales?
  • Is there any market regulation or self-regulation?

Milestone 3: Present your results in a three-page report (excluding cover page, reference list, tables, graphs, and/or exhibits). Be sure to support your work with scholarly sources, and reliable nonscholarly sources (such as Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Money, Forbes, Fortune, and Harvard Business Review) using UMUC’s library search engine.

This report should help you develop focus in your marketing plan. In the next step, you will consider exactly what you hope to accomplish with your B2B marketing plan.


As a marketing team, you need to decide on your marketing objectives before you develop your complete Cemex marketing strategy. Marketing objectives are usually described in terms of sales (both in units or dollars) and market share, and should include the US markets you intend to enter or expand into. Knowing exactly where you want to go is essential in deciding how to get there. The objectives have to be measurable, specific, and have a set time limit. Be careful not to have too many objectives, since a limited number of objectives will help you focus. The objectives should be challenging, but achievable.

Milestone 4: Prepare a one-page document outlining your marketing objectives.

Once your marketing objectives are written, you will begin to examine your market and determine how Cemex can meet these objectives.

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